The herring is a semi-fat fish that is rich in healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids n-3 fatty acids, also called omega-3 fatty acids. N-3 fatty acids are vital for us humans and must therefore be present in small amounts in our diet. The herring are especially rich in iodine and selenium and has a high content of A and D vitamin.


Kippers Herring in Gourmet sauce  Herring in horseraddish sauce   Herring in curry sauce
 Kippers  Hering in Feinschmeckersauce  Hering in Meerrettichsauce  Hering in Currysauce
Herring in tomato sauce  Herring in mustard sauce  Herring in spicy tomato sauce  Herring in garlic sauce
 Hering in Tomatensauce  Hering in Senf/Dill Sauce  Hering in spicy Tomatensauce  Hering in Knoblauchsauce
Herring in pepper sauce  Herring in paprika sauce    
 Hering in Pfeffersauce  Hering in Paprikasauce